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Welcome to TLValle Online! This page is mainly a way for family and friends to see what's going on with me, and hopefully with each other. Look around. Try my new game; the first interactive web page I've ever written! Email me if you notice any problems, if you think I should add something, or just to let me know what you think. Enjoy.

TLValle Online

August 25, 2001. - TLValle Online is up and running for the first time!

September 11, 2001. - Pictures posted to remember of our loss.

September 26, 2001. - TLValle gets a cable modem. This thing is incredible. Expect to see updates more often!

October 9, 2001. - Dr. Chris' Birthday! To celebrate, Tom gets a brand new Jeep!

Octobet 13, 2001. - Mike's Birthday!

November 8, 2001. - TLValle goes to visit Mike at school.

November 8, 2001. - New pictures on the picture page!

November 19, 2001. - TLValle puts up his first game page.

The picture of me on the right shows what I used to looks like when I was younger. Now I look the same, only I'm 6'1".

Recently, I've been finding a lot of old pictures and finding a lot of new ones. I'm putting what I can on my picture page. Hopefully more good pictures of family and friends will surface. It would be nice to show what people are up to now.

There's this web page called that gives dynamic html and java script code away, often explaining how it works and how to manipulate the output. This website is what helped by add some of the new features to my site. Check them out. They're free!

TLValle Online has been expanding and developing since it was started on 8/25/01. There are always ideas bouncing around in the back of my head; so expect to see fairly regular updates and changes to my page.

I hate advertisements on Web Pages! There are no advertisements on my page; and there never will be. The only sites that get links from my page are sites that I think you might enjoy or find handy.

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